Downlaod Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit Apps From Google - APK PAID -->
Downlaod Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit Apps From Google

Downlaod Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit Apps From Google

  Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit Apps From Google: At present, almost all categories of people use Android Mobile, but only 40-45 percent of them will be those who know how to use Google Maps. Despite having a mobile phone, people are unable to search their designated location on the map from the phone

. How do you find the route from Google Map and how to find a place on the map how far is that location? Telling you about this in detail on this page.

Taking up 100 times less space on your device than the full Google Maps app, Google Maps Go is designed to run smoothly on devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks without compromising speed to.

 provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information. You can even search and find information about millions of places, such as phone numbers and addresses.

• Find the fastest route combining two-wheelers, metro, buses, taxi, walking, and ferries
• Ride the metro, bus, or train with live city public transport schedules
• Navigate your car or two-wheeler with Navigation for Google Maps Go (
• Step-by-step directions with route preview, helping you plan your trips ahead of time
• Get there faster with real-time traffic information and traffic maps

Discover and explore new places
• Search and find local restaurants, businesses, and other nearby places
• Decide on the best places to go by reading customer reviews, and viewing pictures of food
• Find the phone number and address to a place
• Save places you want to or visit often and quickly find them later from your mobile

• Available in 70+ languages
• Comprehensive, accurate maps (including satellite and terrain) in 200 countries and territories
• Public transport information for over 20,000 cities
• Detailed business information for over 100 million places

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What is Google Map..?

Google Maps is an application created by Google company. We can use Google Maps on our mobile or computer for free. With the help of this, you can reach any place easily, for this you do not need to ask any other help or way. Where you want to go, you have to enter the name of the place and where you are present, you have to enter the name of the place. After that it will show you the whole way, how to go, and how much time will it take to learn?

Apart from this, you can get information about restaurants, clubs, petrol pumps, restaurants etc. with the help of Google Maps. For this, you have to type the name of the restaurant or according to your requirement, and click on search, after that it will provide information about the restaurant to eat nearby.

Steps to use Google Map are as follows -

1. If you do not have Google Map in your mobile, first install this app, after that open Maps.

2. Now you have to put the name of the place at the top where you want to go.

3. Now to get the information of the route, click on the route, after that you have to enter the address of the place where you want to go, after that you have to enter your address, that is, the place where you are. As soon as you enter your address, after that you will see the route and time will tell how much time it will take and how much distance is there. In this way, you can get information about your designated place.

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