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Gujarat Municipal Election 2021 LIVE Update

Counting of votes in 8684 gram panchayats of the state has started.

Today is the day of decision after the election held for 8684 gram panchayats of the state. Counting of votes has started at taluka centers of the state. The fate of 27,200 Sarpanch candidates and 1,19,998 candidates for the state will be decided in a matter of hours. Thus, Gram Panchayat elections are not fought on the symbol of the party, but after the election results, the political parties will also realize how much support they got. At the polling station in Bhavnagar, there was an uproar as the system refused to allow the media to enter. Candidates and supporters were outraged when the counting did not start even though it was nine o'clock.

  • The fate of 1,19,998 candidates will be decided in the counting hours
  •  Amid tight security, strong rooms were opened and ballot boxes were removed    
  • BJP-Congress eye on Gram Panchayat election results

The turnout in the state's gram panchayats averaged 74.70 per cent
Polling in 8684 gram panchayats of the state on Sunday was generally peaceful. The state recorded an average turnout of 74.70 per cent.