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Download Maths Puzzel Game Apps From Play Store Free For All Student

  Maths Puzzel Game Apps From Play Store:  MathKing - Math Games with Maths Puzzles & Riddles.This is a first & best of its kind Maths game in which 125+ puzzles & riddles are wrapped beautifully around a story arc.

Brain games

Brain games have many fun puzzles. It also includes brain teasers, which will keep your mind twisted. Due to its cartoon style graphics this game is quite good for children. It shows the ability of children to imagine.


Math puzzle

Math puzzle, this name is enough to find out that it will be a game camera. If you like Math, you will love this game, but the good thing is that even if you or your children do not like Math, they will find this game quite interesting. Mathematics questions are asked in this very funny way. Also, logical reasoning is also asked in it.

Left or Right: Brain Games for Brain Training

This game tests children's focus, quick response, accuracy. Left vs Right consists of a total of 50 games, which train the minds of children in 6 categories. It also has a colorblind mode, which is designed for colorblind people. In this game, such puzzles are asked, in which your mind is entangled and you have to answer them accurately but at the same time without wasting time.

Making series has cleverly designed games with the following benefits 

1. Brain Training: This puzzle-based game include logic reasoning and mental math calculations, which in turn sharpens both sides of the brain and helps in training the mind.

2. Brain Teasers: These simple yet challenging math-based brain teasers keep the player engaging and focussed which increases focus & concentration.

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3. Logical questions: Some puzzles require out-of-box thinking which makes this game one of the best math games that test your logical skills

4. Maths but not-Maths: The puzzles are designed such that they don’t require any special mathematical formulae. All you need is your brain to analyze the patterns, understand the logic, hunt for the catch and deduce the answer. It’s as simple as that. :-)

5. IQ Test: These games test your IQ using the maths puzzles which look quite difficult unless you get the logical catch.

6. Mind sharpening: Such puzzle-based training games require strong analytical thinking.

Different models of questions in these games are:

1. Logical pattern-based questions
2. Tricky analytical questions
3. A geometric understanding of angles
4. Algebra-based to solve real-world equations
5. Interesting & confusing riddles

Additional features:
1. Share the puzzle game to friends via screenshot and challenge them.
2. Hints and Solutions are available on demand.
3. Links to additional 250 math puzzles

These games are completely free. It consists of hints and answers which can be accessed with short ads which are important to induce competency & do not give up attitude which make this more interesting. Moreover, ads are our only way of earning because we made this game completely FREE for math enthusiasts like you.